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Reflecting...Day 6

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

A day of rest...well reflecting for me. As I look back on the first week of my journey towards a life without back pain I can tell you I've learned a lot. I've stated before that I am an over analyzer, which is a direct contributor to my anxiety, and allows me to constantly self observe and absorb what's going on. Hey, this is great for someone who wants to have a growth mindset (hot button educational term) and continue to grow as a person by evaluating strengths and weaknesses. What you don't always hear is how it can constantly keep you on the border of spiraling into a deep pit of despair and obsessive compulsive disorder by feeling like there's a 1,000lb weight upon your back that not only weighs you down but is constantly screaming in your ear that YOU MUST GET BETTER!. Wears on the psyche a little, lol. So, a day of rest was perfectly timed. I self identify as a restless soul, so it goes without saying that restless sleep is a side effect. I've gone as far as buying a Whoop strap, after listening to Joe Rogan's pitch about how delightfully wonderful they are, to keep an eye on my heart rate and intervals (heart problems run in my family.) So, I haven't really been sleeping well. Add the constant media blitz and the change in schedule from going to a teacher that coaches in the morning and afternoon and teaches through the day to sitting at home, I've been restless. Now, with that being said, the sincere attachment to meditation and focusing on grounding throughout the initial portion of this program has been a blessing. We all "know" that meditation is effective and helpful. And not just from Indian Yogis and Buddhist monks, but by western doctors who have studied the patterns of waves in the human brain before and after meditation. This is great for those that may not have traditionally given credence to eastern philosophies. I have spent the better part of the last decade delving into philosophical studies during my extended existential crisis and have found that a willingness to being open to new ideas is critical for healthy growth. Hey, a great stoic philosopher that you may have heard of, Aristotle, is quoted as saying, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it as their own." So, yeah, meditation, great stuff. Today I was able to sit for 30 minutes and melt away into awareness and allow myself to focus on grounded breathing. A little PSA: NOT THE NORM! It was nice. A great respite from the self inflicted mental abuses that normally take place. Meditation is without a doubt a CUMULATIVE process of benefit. It takes time, just like building muscular

balance in the human body. They are closely intertwined and I do appreciate the way meditation is weaved into this program. It's a constant, but not forced, reinforcer to be aware of where we are and how our body is responding to stress and imbalance. This bodes well with long-term health and development. I apologize if some of these themes are repeating in my writing, but it's because I believe in them. Do I do a great job everyday? NOPE. But, man I am working on it. I encourage you to keep working too. Let's find a shift in our mental and physical well being. Let's do this together, because none of us are perfect and all need help. I'm always willing to share that with you. Peace and blessings.

P.S. Here is my mindfulness picture for the day. (Humor is good)


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