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Mature decisions.... Days 11 & 12

Yeah, I know. I'm slacking and I've only been doing one blog for every two days. But, I have to admit that being an at home with my girls has changed my schedule more than I had originally thought. So, this will probably be a short entry due to the fact that my oldest still has not finished her social studies and science for the day....at 9:00pm. Uhg. To the point, I worked on building up strength and endurance on the perfect bridge, which I am still lacking a bit. But, that's ok. I actually made the judgement call today (since I ended phase 1) to make a full stop and not move on to Phase 2 yet. This is simply the best decision I could have made at this point. I just need more time with working on being really comfortable with phase 1, and finally I'm at a point in my life where I'm ok with that. So, I will keep up with some philosophical musings and updates on progress as the days trek on this week. I hope you all are doing extremely well in your journeys and staying healthy. Keep it up.



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