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Intentions....Day 8

Good day everyone, I hope that you are well and staying motivated in your quests. Whether that be on a journey to end back pain, a journey of self discovery, or simply a journey to find toilet paper. No matter your journey I always wish the best of success. Into the meat of things. As I pontificate over my blog title and formulate the direction I'm going in today, I give thought to the phrase "The road to Hell is paved in good intentions." Before I continue I want to share that sometimes my writings will take rabbit hole trips. I try to not pre plan too much in the content of these posts so that I may strive to come across as authentic. So many of these ramblings of organic thought are not only deeply connected to my journey, but spurred by the experiences, and I wanted to share that. But, more about intentions. Intentions can be flippant and fleeting at times, but what aids in the transformation from intention to action is commitment. And commitment over long periods of time is undoubtedly supported by faith. Faith in what? We may ask. And that's where I've given a lot of thought lately. You're probably thinking, "Wow, Eidson has gone from working on his back anchor to discussions of faith? He wasn't kidding about chasing rabbits." Haha, touche. But, stay me for a moment. Anytime we take on a task there are levels of intent. Menial tasks, like doing the dishes, they require intent. Intent to ensure the labor is adequate to clean and in addition sanitize the dishes for safe care. And after that the task is complete and we are able to move on with our intentions. Ok, now I'll come out of the rabbit hole a bit and get to the core balance applications. I really had to tap the breaks a bit mentally. I took another day to reconnect with my intentions. particularly related to my anchors. As much as a physical adjustment, it was really a mental tap of the breaks. It was necessary to reset, and allow myself to slide into the proper state of mind. One devoid of worry over muscle tension and allow myself to, just be. I stole that description of just being from a favorite lecturer and author Alan Watts. He was a british philosopher who really introduced Eastern philosophy to people of the Western world. He has lectures and meditations that are shared on Youtube as well as several books. It's worth a listen. So, in order to "just be" I had to relinquish control over my concerns of perfection and allow my body to take over. What does that look like? Well, for me it was going through the motions more often and much more slower and relaxed. Dr. P explained to me simply by stating, to start, and your body will take care of the rest. This is hard for me. I have been operating at a state of heightened awareness for quite awhile now and in regards to allowing nature to happen, in simple terms, I screw it up alot.

To speak more to that, I teach 8th graders at a Title 1 school. For folks not in the education system, that means the majority of my students are from low income households and are often labeled as "at risk." And by that, meaning at risk of not graduating. When working with students of lower income households, there are a bevy of issues that must be considered when deciding how to deliver educational services and to help these students with a level of comfort. By that I mean we must help them to feel safe. Abraham Maslow wrote of a hierarchy of needs. If you look it up, there is pyramid diagram that starts at the base level with physiological needs (food, water, warmth, rest) and then on to safety needs (personal security, health) and then onto love, esteem and lastly self-actualization. So, there are a lot of places for kids in their formative years of social and emotional development to have a missing piece in there primary and developmental needs, statistically more in low income homes. A missing piece causes trauma, trauma leads to a state of "fight or flight." Constant trauma leads to a constant state of "fight or flight." Staying in that constant state of heightened awareness can cause dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system which can leave a person with an imbalance of hormones and bodily responses that allow a body to remain in homeostasis ( or balance.) I did I mention I teach science? To tie this trip down the rabbit hole back in. I have been in a state of "fight or flight" for awhile and to be honest, it's damn hard to reset. But, my faith myself and knowing that I can commit to this program and become happy and healthier, has given me the ability to seize this opportunity and fight, in this instance by untying old trauma and letting my mind and muscles simply slow down. IT'S REALLY HARD. LOL. But, the really good things often are. Part of this psychological journey is remembering that deep down, I really don't know much and having the attitude of a student and being willing to grow will ultimately be key for success. The Ego portion of us will fight for control, but it's our subconscious that controls our actions when we are not actively thinking about them. Giving credence to our intentions and mind body connection empowers our subconscious to maintain the healthy balance of muscles tension in the right ways.

Before I leave you today, if you are having troubles, like me, sometimes making the mind body connection. I implore that you infer into resources on how to mediate and breath in a healthy fashion. It's one of my major shortcomings and I know makes all the difference. I am unique in the sense that I have equal loves for all things scientific and spiritual. There is quite a diverse dichotomy there and can strain your personal philosophy at times. But, deep down I believe that truth (for me anyhow) lies at that cross section. It should be a fun ride to find it. Sorry for the long winded journaling today, but this was all on my heart to share. Best wishes and good luck today.


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