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Grounding....Days 9 &10

I actually think somewhere I got a day off. I guess I was being a space cadet soaring off into the infinite galaxies of transcendental thoughts and imagery. More likely I was watching t.v. Ok, and it pains me to admit this, but I actually watched 3 episodes of the Tiger King series on Netflix. What a train wreck...I mean....I just....what the hell? I'm so happy I was able to pull away when I did before I got sucked in any deeper. I honestly don't know if I have it in me to go back and finish the first season. I mean....yeah, that's all I have.

So, back to the point. If I remember correctly, I spent day 9 visualizing and working with the anchor triad concept when I'm standing and walking. I do sincerely use the approach that Dr. P recommended with imagining that you are leading with your pelvis. I jokingly imagine that I'm strutting with my hips pointed forward and leaning in to it, lol. But seriously, it helps keep me balanced when ensuring that I'm engaging my front and back anchors. It is most definitely a work in progress. Often I catch myself forgetting to do it, then I'll remember and switch gears. Or I'll hop up and not be anchored and then remember. The times I can say I notice the biggest difference is when say I'm walking up or down stairs, or when I'm running. Yes, I have been continuing to try and breath into my back and use the anchor triad while running. I couldn't tell you if I'm actually doing it right, lol. But, seriously, I'm really just using my intention. And to be honest, my back doesn't hurt as bad after I run, and I feel like my legs are really starting to adjust and I'm actually running easier. Voile, small victory. On day 10, I spent a good bit of time working on the perfect bridge. Such a great move. And man do my glutes still hurt and o my legs shake. One thing I personally am finding to be focal point for me, is to ensure I primarily use my glutes for support and as Dr. P recommends keep my feet close to take the load off my legs. I've I don't engage my glutes adequately my back starts to cramp and it quickly reminds me. Got to keep on keeping on. Oh hey! almost forgot. The other day I was working on some visualization, fantastic practice by the way, and was thinking about my front and back anchors. I have to admit, I'm feeling much more confident with my back anchor since I chilled out a bit and just went with it. So, the one thing I was visualizing, was my daughters when they were babies rolling around on the floor and doing their tummy time etc. That was the perfect personal experience for me to use to visualize how the anchor points give strength! This is so effective in addition to being a personal experience, but there is also a strong emotion tied to it. I've done a little research in the past and have anecdotal evidence to suggest that our learning, when tied to emotion, is incredibly more effective. For instance, I could remember the statistics of half of the players in the NHL when I was a kid, but couldn't remember my Spanish vocab to save my life. Having that emotional connection is paramount in moving information to the forefront of our minds and ties it to our long term retention. I really need to look that up some more and find some usefulness for my brain these days. Ok, I'm going to bed, our district has our first official day of online classes tomorrow, so I'm going to have about 100 8th graders acting like they don't know how to use a computer. Oh, and my 10 and 8 year old daughters are staying with me this week, and they have online classes too that I need to assist with. Pray for me......

Peace and love as always.


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