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Day 13...Well of my posts. But let's just go from here.

Well hello there everyone, I know this is my first entry in quite some time and I guess I owe little bit of an explanation. I don't know if I can give a good explanation but I'll just be honest, the fact of the matter is my head just wasn't in a good place. If you guys remember from some of my past entries I'm a teacher and I'll be honest this transition to teaching online has been harder than I ever thought it would. And I know a lot of people are thinking, it's great you get to go sit at home and on your computer throw up some work and kids can do it. But if you are a teacher or you're very close to one you know people don't go into teaching for an easy paycheck. They do it because there's something inside of them that calls to helping these children not only to educate them but to support them and encourage them and give them more than information about reading, writing or science but about how to be an adult. How to be a person. So when your meaning and your reason is taken away from you it causes quite a dynamic shift and your paradigm. Your feeling of value to some degree is taken away from you and you have to search and you have to find a way to still see your value and what you're able to do. So it took me a little while to get my head on straight. I had to fight through some different things, but I feel like I'm coming out of the fog and back on task. Not only that, but during that time I had to take on my own children as students, which one would consider to be natural, being as I am their parent. But my children have their other influences from their own teachers and their patterns and their environments that they're comfortable in and now those have all been redesigned. So to be honest it was a growing experience for the past few weeks for me and my kids alike. We also together have found our way. So now this week I have found myself a bit more rejuvenated and recommitted to my search for life with no back pain. As many of you may have seen on the Facebook page I found the courage post a video of me where's my shirt pulled up over my bulbous stomach which took a little bit of a how do you want to say, Blind Faith that my message would be represented well by my fellow Core Balance group members and I trust that it will. So with all that being said I have to say that after being on the phone with Doctor P last week some time and looking at the Facebook live video that you did with many of y'all I feel a little bit more aware of where I am and my journey today. After doing a live observation with Doctor P it was profoundly noticeable that I was not connecting with my front anchor nor my bad back anchor. S I had to do some self reflection,I guess it was fitting timing for my resurrection of sorts within my teaching as well as within my treatment program. But hey I figured I owed it to myself and to the group to get back in it as well as possible so I decided to go ahead and post a video and hopefully get some better feedback on where to further make progression.It’s not very easy for me to lay it all on the line for people and not be concerned about what others think about me. As somebody who revels in high anxiety that often it's something that you can be very indulged with. But I sure felt like it was time so here I am guys. I hope you all are doing well to kick off this week. Here’s to some celebration to be back in the groove of things and I hope to see and hear more from y'all in the near future God Bless.


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