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Back to Work...Day 4

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Here we are another day, another victory. I won't say that it wasn't without it's struggles but I do feel like it was a great day of building core balance. I have continued to find myself trying to stay committed to grounded breathing. I'm an over thinker by nature so every time I work on my breathing I'm micro-analyzing my movements and muscle contractions to ensure I'm doing it right, lol. I know that proper form is the best medicine but I don't want to actually make my form worse by trying too hard. Yeah, doesn't make much sense when I read it back...but that's how it is. So today I used my time working on grounding my back anchor zone while breathing, grounding my front anchor zone while breathing and working on flexing my glutes and stretching my hip flexors while bridging. I have to note I continue to recognize issues from my past that correlate with the Core Balance Training videos that represent what happens to the body in a negative fashion over time. About 5 years ago I sprained my hip flexor fairly bad. I was playing in a men's league hockey game and on my last shift at the end of the game, I crossed over to skate back up the ice and felt a pop in my right hip flexor. It didn't hurt, but it was noticeable. I was even ok after the game. The next morning......that was a whole different story. I couldn't lift my leg high enough to tie my shoes let alone walk. I had to hobble around for weeks before I could start to get a decent walk gait. It was honestly a couple of years before I felt like I truly recovered. And after seeing how the core become unbalanced from being sedentary and losing core strength, I know exactly why it happened. I digress. Today was a pretty good workout, I worked on the next combination of strength training that included some challenging muscle movement. But, I do like challenging moves, I can't get stronger without resistance. I was reminded of an importance lesson thought. During my bridge work I had some bothersome lower back pain, and I had to be reminded to "respect the workout." This is a reference from yesterday's blog. So, I cooled things down a little and want back to working on my anchor points, which actually seemed to relax my back, so that was good. I actually felt pretty good most the day and decided to take a jog. I've been having running issues because I'll get spasms in my back. But, today wasn't too bad. Most everything else hurt, lol, but that probably has more to do with me pushing 40. I even tried to use expansive breathing through my back while running. Difficult.....but had some small victories. My conditioning is atrocious, so I'm probably going to have trouble no matter what! Small victories...they are imperative to success, especially when chasing big goals. I mean, it took me 38 years to get my back this messed up, it's going to take a minute to get it right! This is an important part of this journey, there is a quote by William Shakespeare that I love, "Expectation is the root of all heartache." When undertaking an endeavor such as this, it's important to remember to have adequate expectations. I'm not just putting bandaids on a major problem, but changing my to reflect my desires. Best wishes and keep on working.



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