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Back" to the Future...Day 3

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Rolling on to day 3 was fairly painless....but at the same time a little sore, I know, quite the irony. I can feel that I'm really starting to test my "lazy" muscles and some light soreness has developed. I feel this is a good thing. You've heard the phrase "no pain, no gain?" Well, pain is no longer a welcome visitor but a little soreness lets me know I'm making those bystander muscles earn their keep. I appreciated the opportunity on day 3 to really work on the front anchor points and keep building that foundation. Houses built on a poor foundation rarely stand the test of time. And buy the way I've felt the past 4 years my foundation was crumbling quickly. The exercises are not overly cumbersome but remind me of a common phrase that I hear when doing Crossfit workouts with a couple of work friends : Respect The Workout. The most effective maneuvers don't have to be the biggest or most exotic to be the best. It's kind of like fighting in a battle where troops could probably use a bazooka but are better off with a perfectly placed rifle shot. I liken these focused movements and opportunity to strengthen the mind body connection to an extremely skilled sniper shot from several miles away. Not only are they physically trying but you must train your mind to be focused and strong as well. I have found myself to consciously think more about my posture and breathing throughout the day, which is a great start. Eventually, it will become more subconscious and automatic. I'll leave this blog with one last phrase that has often been brought up in sports, business, education and many other facets of life: Trust The Process. On to day 4.

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