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Back At It....Day 2

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Well, it's day 2...and I haven't fallen off the bandwagon yet. Mini victory, ok over it. So, day 2 went well. I got up and made sure my kids had their breakfast and then before I had a chance to find something else to do, I decided it was time to get at it. I sat down optimistically with my trusty yoga mat, phone, and what is becoming more of a normal accessory, my Airpods. The video was only about 6 minutes long but very thorough going through today's addition to Core Balanced Training. This instruction was well designed to briefly touch on the foundational movements that were covered yesterday, a nice recap, and then moved in to the new material. I found it just challenging to my weak and tight muscles to cause minor discomfort but also give the feeling of invigoration and the potential for core strength. Now, I think it's important to differentiate the concepts of "strength" vs. "core strength." The definition that I'm working with is that strength of the back can lift a heavy deadlift, or hoist a heavy package off the ground...once. But, after that I would be feeling enough pain to ask myself "why did you do that?" The core strength that Dr. Peebles speaks to is the kind that is most always turned on and fundamentally make sure that your spine is in a healthy position that makes you ask "how did it ever get so bad." It happens inadvertently over the years due to bad habits. But I know that this was a good day of rebuilding.

On the second note I did want to mention that I am finding how important it is to really commit myself to the mental aspect of it as well. Dr. Peebles speaks about being mindful of how you feel. I have also read some other literature about working through chronic pain and how you can overwrite neural pathways to lead to new experiences, particularly when it comes to pain pathways. I wholeheartedly feel this is key in building a successful platform that erodes away years of mental damage. It becomes a spiritual endeavor that I liken very much to meditation and the two practices flow very well together. Any time you deal with chronic pain there is assuredly trauma to the psyche that must be dealt with. I know for me overcoming and managing that trauma will be a lifelong battle, but that doesn't mean it has to be miserable or suffering. So, I am thankful that I can approach this as part of my system of self development. I have a couple of guided meditation tracks I like to use while working on my Core Balance Training and that gives me a nice timeline and puts me in a focused state to really pay attention to my breathing. I won't say I was perfectly focused the whole time, because my body obviously is still adjusting but I think it helped. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane and I'll continue to fill you in tomorrow for DAY 3.



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