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A minor set back....Day 5

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Ok, I know these corny titles with use of the word "back" in them are a little tongue and cheek, but hey, it's my first blog! I'll probably run out of steam with those shortly and just get more down to the basics. But, for today's entry this is fitting. I found it hard to engage myself today. I knew no matter how pumped I was to start this journey there were going to be down days. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with watching and reading too much in the media on the whole COVID-19/economy struggles. Man, what a bummer of a story. I was very distracted today and found it really hard to make the mind body connection and or mediate for that matter. Tough times, and all we can hope is that it helps create tough people. With that being said we are at a tipping point where mental health becomes and issue as much as our physical health. I am all too knowledgeable about the effects of anxiety and depression, being the blue chip over thinker that I am. I have been excited to think of my time focusing on Core Body Training and overcoming the pain that has plagued me for so long as a respite from the "real world." So I was admittedly a bit frustrated this morning. I did make it through today's session and felt that it was physically ok, so that was for sure a small victory. One thing that I wanted to make note of was part of the message that Dr. Peeble's left in the message for today. The day 5 message title was "Do Less." He ended the message by saying, "If you feel like you're not doing enough.....DO LESS." This resonated so strongly with the way I was feeling today. It seemed the more I tried to focus and make sure all my muscles were contracted or not contracted the right way while grounding my back, I worked myself farther and farther away from actually making progress. It helped to read that. I greatly appreciate Dr. Peebles' attention to detail in the minor notes and messages he makes. To me, it continues to show the authenticity of his relationship to the program. He's been there, done this, and still does it day to day. That's why his heart is in it, and mine too. Blessings and best wishes. Stay strong and positive.

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